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Strategic design and content shouldn’t be limited to companies aiming for big profits. Nonprofit and social enterprises need it, too. We deliver a full suite of services that will get your big ideas off the ground!

 We start with thorough research into your mission and your audience. This informs everything we do – from developing your identity, to producing content marketing, and designing websites.

Together, we’ll create enlightening, delightful content – proven to build awareness, trust and communities.

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Humming Moose creates impactful content for nonprofits and social enterprises. As a limited profit company ourselves, we know there’s more to life than making money. Working in support of big dreams, bold ideas and lofty goals is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

We do this to enlighten and delight. If it helps people live, learn and thrive, we’re in. If it helps plants, animals and the environment, we’re in. Go ahead, call us idealists. We’ll take it as a compliment. Let’s work together to make this little blue rock a better place for everyone.

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Adam E. Hunt

Adam E. Hunt

Adam has been creating award winning design and content for over 13 years. He’s a triple threat of audio, video and design. He continues to work hard to help people, causes, and businesses big and small; everyone from a local tree trimmer to global giants like Medtronic, Cotton and Universal. 

Courtnay Hough

Courtnay Hough

Courtnay served as a special education teacher for 11 years. Her dedication to providing kids with the best possible education allowed her to hone skills in research, copywriting, video editing and design. She has a knack for expressing ideas clearly and persuasively.

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